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Why M&S can actually be CHEAPER than budget supermarkets

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If you think that M&S is always a pricier option, with fewer cheaper deals than other major stores, then think again. Here's how one money expert says you can bag a bargain AND reduce your shopping bill at the upmarket store.

As the cost of living continues to rise, any way you can cut your bills or save money on food costs can become super helpful.

Fortunately, one shopping expert – Tom Church, the co-founder of – has shared some tips – on increasing your savings and surprisingly it includes shopping at M&S.

'Inflation figures of 17.5% are very scary, but if you get creative and start thinking like a deal hunter, you can drop that to 0% or even less for your personal shopping,' Tom, 32 told the Mirror.

Here are Tom's top tips to save money on your supermarket shopping:

1. Shop M&S – it can be cheaper than Lidl (on certain items)

The shopping expert said those who dismiss M&S as too upmarket and expensive are missing out on reducing their food bills – and that it can be cheaper than the budget supermarkets.

He said: 'A pack of six free range eggs is £1.29 at Lidl, but only £1 at M&S and chicken wings are £1.99 at Lidl but just £1.45 at M&S.'

He also said that sugar was priced at 99p at Lidl but at 95p at M&S.

A pack of 20% fat beef mince was £1.99 at Lidl and £2 at M&S.

Tom added: 'A 1p difference, I think I’d still go with the M&S to be honest!'

2. Iceland have the best loyalty scheme

Tom explained: 'Unlike Tesco and Sainsbury’s who reward your loyalty after you shop by giving you points, Iceland rewards you for your upfront loyalty with cash.'

The Iceland Bonus Card is a savings card and when you top-up £20 Iceland gives you £1 extra, if you top up £40, you get £2 extra and so on, which overall equates to 5%.

Tesco Clubcard points, by comparison, are worth just 1%.

2. A home delivery can work out cheaper

Tom also urged shoppers to consider having their food shop delivered.

He said: 'I find the average cost of getting home delivery on grocery shopping is about £2.99. But this only works out cheaper than driving if the supermarket is more than 4 miles away.

'This is because the average cost of driving a mile is £0.40p, according to new research by NimbleFins.

'So if the supermarket is two miles away, that’s two miles there and two miles back, four miles in total which costs £1.60 to drive. Cheaper than getting home delivery.'

4. Shop at Aldi on Wednesday

Which day of the week you shop actually matters, according to Tom.

He says that Aldi usually reduce their Specialbuys prices on Wednesday as the new middle-aisle items arrive on a Thursday.

He said: 'If you want to save more money, planning your shop for Wednesday can help you beat the crowds and bag some bargains before they’re all gone.'

Aldi is famous for its Specialbuys and it is incredibly popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on things ranging from air fryers to clothing, to garden furniture. They also have an amazing range of make-up and perfume dupes of high-end brands that are definitely worth checking out.

5. Try 'Too Good To Go' as your primary supermarket

Too Good To Go is an app that turns food waste to profit.

It connects shoppers to Greggs, Costa, M&S supermarkets and loads more retailers to sell the stores 'reduced-to-clear' food – which otherwise would be chucked in the bin.

Tom says that the app still has a reputation for being quite 'quirky' and one you would only use on occasion, but there are still some bargains to be had.

He said: 'My colleague Mia got a Too Good To Go bag from M&S this week. She got four items which would usually cost £19.75 in total but the Too Good To Go bag was £4.99.

'That’s a 74% price drop, beating inflation by a mega amount."

The items Mia purchased were M&S' Hot Cross Bun BLT Sandwich, Crayfish and Mango Salad, a pack of pineapple chunks, and roast chicken slices.

Tom added: 'Of course, shopping on Too Good To Go exclusively isn’t going to work well for everything but rather than think of it as a fun thing to try now and again, switch to thinking of it as your primary source of food, and then topping up the rest at the supermarket.'

M&S also has some brilliant bargains to be had in its clothes and beauty ranges. Check out this perfume that smells just like a designer brand, AND shoppers are saving hundreds on their food shop thanks to this website.

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