Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Data Science

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Mathematics & Data Science at St. Thomas is designed to provide the student with a solid background and general comprehension of the role and application of mathematics in various disciplines and areas requiring quantitative analysis. The program is oriented toward applied mathematics, and students will be exposed to the concepts of higher mathematics with emphasis on the integration of theoretical, practical and computational viewpoints.


Therefore, multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary training is essential, and the BS in Applied Mathematics & Data Science adheres to this concept. Currently, St. Thomas University is running various programs oriented toward applied mathematics with concentration in mathematical methods in data analytics, biomathematics, environmental mathematics, and applied physics aiming at enhancing skills in mathematical modeling, computer simulations and theoretical foundations of applied mathematics.

澳门新葡新京官方网站还提供在硕士学位 大数据分析 emphasizing on the use of Data Science for concrete scientific, technological and applied ventures. A good number of MS courses are open to BS program students, the BS in Applied Mathematics & Data Science at St Thomas will offer students a unique opportunity to grasp deeper understanding of theory and practice in the field, and to encounter the vital process of applied research. Through activities, such as a regular colloquium series and seminars, developed in close collaboration with other scientific programs within St. Thomas University, students are exposed to the latest innovations in the applied mathematics. The modest size of the program ensures active interaction with the faculty members.