Learn how connectivity and security transforms business in a cloud-based world.

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Government IT Services

TPx provides leading IT services for more than 300 government agencies. With decades of experience, we have the resources and expertise to help modernize IT, maximize efficiencies, increase productivity, improve cybersecurity posture and reduce costs. Let our experts help with your unique IT needs.

Modernizing Government IT

The fast transition to remote work, rapid digitalization and a growing number of cyber threats have kept government IT professionals on their toes. With managed IT solutions, governments can have peace of mind knowing their IT needs are being taken care of effectively and efficiently. 

Constituents and staff alike not only want but expect governments to provide digital ways to get things done — without having to show up in person. It’s critical that government organizations address the needs and expectations in today’s landscape. Our certified experts can help modernize your government IT and communications infrastructure while also minimizing risk and impact of cyber threats.

Comprehensive Government Information Technology Solutions

TPx helps governments address their biggest IT challenges with a full suite of managed government IT services including cybersecurity, connectivity, secure networks, cloud communications and collaboration.

Having information at your fingertips is essential in this day in age. TPx can help improve your IT network for faster and more reliable internet access, scalable networks, better network visibility and more.

With a high volume of sensitive data, government agencies are at an increased risk of ransomware attacks. With managed security services, governments can benefit from constant oversight and 24/7/365 service.

Improve communications with a single application for calling, meetings, video and messaging. With enterprise-grade security and end-to-end encryption, TPx provides a seamless and secure way for you to speak with the public.

American Rescue Plan IT Funding Guide for State Local and Educational Agencies

This eBook breaks down the multiple sources of American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding available for IT solutions and explains how SLED organizations can leverage the windfall to upgrade connectivity and improve cybersecurity.

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Why TPx Excels in Modernizing Government IT

We provide fully managed IT services for government organizations that help improve operations, communications and security but that won’t break the bank.

  • A single provider for secure networks, communications and cybersecurity needs
  • On the NASPO ValuePoint vendor list for easier purchasing
  • Customizable solutions that best fit your needs
  • Over 120 unique IT certifications across the TPx team
  • Reduce costs with managed IT and stay within budget
  • Nationwide presence from coast to coast

Case Study: City of Hopewell

The City of Hopewell wanted to better serve its community by making high speed Wi-Fi accessible to low- and moderate income students and residents in the area.

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How TPx Helps With Your Government IT Needs

The IT world is changing rapidly, and it can be hard for government organizations to keep up when there is a lack of resources and IT talent. With TPx managed services, governments can reduce IT complexities and increase efficiencies. Plus, with a flat monthly fee, we make it easy to not only better predict your government IT spend but stay within budget.

Unified Communications

With cloud communications services managed and delivered over our network and not on your premises, you’ll reduce the costs of maintaining and upgrading your hardware and infrastructure.

Managed SD-WAN

Secure and reliable internet is critical in today’s business. Transform broadband internet into an enterprise-grade secure WAN for quality performance that’s optimized across applications.

Managed Networks

Extend a Local Area Network with Ethernet Transport and connect sites with a Wide Area Network to provide better internet access or converge voice, video and data services over a single connection.

Managed Firewall

Keep your infrastructure secure with the help of TPx’s highly trained security professionals based in our Security Operations Center (SOC). Our experts will configure, deploy, manage, and monitor your next generation firewall (NGFW) 24/7.

Managed Endpoints

You can’t be too careful when it comes to the health and security of your infrastructure. Minimize the risk of data loss and downtown from cyberattacks with endpoint security and protection.

Security Awareness Training

Government agencies are at a higher risk of cyber threats and attacks. Keep your infrastructure secure by educating your staff on the real government IT threats you could face.