The best Easter egg hunt clues for kids 2023 (printables)

Last modified on Thursday 30 March 2023

Looking for inspiration for Easter egg hunt clues? We've got some great ones that will take your kids on an exciting trail to find the ultimate prize of chocolate! Includes cute free rhyming puzzles, riddles and other clues for kids of all ages.

Your children will love following the trail of clues and riddles in a fun Easter egg hunt. And they'll REALLY love finding the chocolate Easter eggs when they work out where they are hidden.

Whether you're doing an indoor Easter egg hunt or heading out into the garden for some outdoor family fun, we've got plenty of easy and harder clues for kids of all ages, so whether you're putting together an Easter egg hunt for toddlers or slightly older kids, you're sure to find some great clues to suit in our list.

They even come with free printable PDFs, so you can simply print them off and pop them in different places for your kids to find, along with their chocolate treats!

We've also got plenty of tips and ideas to help you create the best Easter egg hunt ever and EXTRA Easter egg hunt clues below the gallery for both indoors and outdoors – so keep scrolling all the way to the bottom for those!

10 more indoor Easter egg hunt clues

Need even more Easter egg hunt clues for your little detectives? We've got loads of indoor ideas if it's a drizzly afternoon. Our clue ideas will give you loads of inspiration for places to hide eggs for your kids to find in the house ...

1. Clue hidden at the top of the stairs

This clue is hidden way up high
you'll have to climb to the top
keep climbing up and up
until you have to stop!

2. Clue hidden in a hat

This clue is hidden well
inside something that you wear,
you wear it on your head
and it covers up your hair.

3. Clue hidden on the window ledge

This clue is in a place
near a big piece of glass
that we like to look out of
to see the sky, the trees and grass.

4. Clue hidden in the toy box

This clue hides among
all your favourite things
in a big deep box
under a lid with a big hinge

5. Clue hidden under the doormat

This clue is peeking out
from under a thing near the door
it's where we wipe our feet
until the mud on our boots is no more!

6. Clue hidden in a school bag

This clue is tucked away
inside something that you wear
on your shoulder or your back
every school day of the year

7. Clue hidden inside a slipper

This clue is hidden inside
something you wear on your feet,
but only to walk indoors
they're not for on the street

8. Clue hidden in a plant pot

Inside a pretty pot
this next clue's out of sight
with one of mum's favourite plants
it's squeezed in really tight

9. Clue hidden near a radiator

This clue's hiding in plain sight
somewhere you'll be able to spot,
next to something mounted on a wall
... we'll tell you if you're HOT

10. Clue hidden on a desk

The next one's really easy
the clue is placed upon
a table where you sit
to get all your work done

10 more outdoor Easter egg clues

Is the sun shining? If it's a nice day, make the most of the early Spring weather by organising an outdoor scavenger hunt – either at home in the garden or at your local park. Or take the Easter egg hunt into the garden with these extra outdoor clues ...

1. Clue hidden in the garden shed

This clue isn't in the big house
it's in a smaller one,
but the only things that live there
are the garden tools and bugs

2. Clue hidden In the bird bath

This clue is in a place
where birdies like to flap
and splash about in rainwater
because they prefer it to the tap!

3. Clue hidden on the trampoline

This clue you will find
on a place where you jump
up and down, up and down
until you fall off with a bump!

4. Clue hidden near the bikes

This clue is placed nearby
your favourite thing to ride,
don't forget your helmet ...
what a good place for a clue to hide!

5. Clue hidden near the bins

This clue is in the front yard
near something kind of gross,
it's where we put the rubbish out
but dad (or mum) does it the most!

6. Clue is hidden under the tree

This clue is waiting for you
sitting patiently.
shaded by the leaves
it's waiting under the ...

7. Clue is hidden in the rabbit hutch

This clue is hiding out
with your favourite friends,
they have long ears and fur
and on you they do depend

8. Clue is hidden in the picnic basket

We left something in the garden
that you take to the park with you
to carry all our food and drink
that's where you'll find your clue!

9. Clue is hidden in the vegetable patch

This clue is hiding with
all the healthy food
that ends up on your plate
but you turn your nose up – so rude!

10. Clue is hidden near the pond

This clue is hidden well
near a place with water and fish,
sometimes there are tadpoles
and frogs waiting for a kiss!

Tips for the perfect Easter egg hunt

Keep reading for these extra tips to help your Easter egg hunt go smoothly ...

  • Make sure there are plenty of eggs to go round when the kids find their jackpot.
  • If you want to go all-out, you can hide little sweet treats in each place, ready for your kids to find when they solve the clue – you'll need a lot more treats though!
  • If you'd rather cut down on chocolate and sugar, you could use another small prize, like a sticker or a little toy, as an incentive for each clue.
  • Or you can just set things up so that each clue leads to where the next clue is hidden; as your kids solve each one, they're getting closer to the grand prize!
  • Bear in mind that young kids will probably only want to follow so many clues before they expect a prize.
  • If you have more than one kid, or your little one's having friends over, there are several options. You could ...
  • have them team up to solve the clues together
  • give each person or team a different set of clues
  • turn it into a race, with the same set of clues for each player or group of players (be sure to have smaller prizes on hand for the losing team, though)

Wondering exactly which chocolate eggs or other treats to use as prizes? Check out our roundup of the best Easter treats for kids .

If your children love this activity, there are lots of ideas here at Amazon for other types of treasure hunts. There's even a nature hunt game!

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